Montana mountain ash tree in blazing red fall color

There’s a movement afoot.

Like the inevitable onset of October’s cool weather accompanied by a parade of multihued costumes worn by the maples, mountain ash and aspen groves of my hometown –

it’s upholstery’s time to shine!

Is it a coincidence that as upholstery fans & educators are enjoying unprecedented connection, both online and on the ground, that out of an established artisan’s workshop comes the announcement:

October is Upholstery Awareness Month!

stapling upholstery fabric in place on a chair

Upholstery is about learning & sharing.

Acknowledgement of an art. a handcraft. that is so often taken for granted in today’s planned obsolescence economy. Recognition of this long-standing craft is a sentiment that has no doubt crossed the minds of many, in ways as varied as the leaves on a blazing fall maple, or the fabrics which grace the myriad ‘cush’ on which we DAILY rest our respective ‘tush’.

This calls for a collective expression of appreciation, and celebration!!!

For lack of a better description, I must defer to Cynthia Bleskachek’s rendition of the event, as follows:

A month-long opportunity to recognize, celebrate and share the skilled craft of upholstery.

Find share-worthy examples of upholstery work – that which impresses you, inspires you, amazes you. . . and share it! BE SURE when sharing someone else’s work that you have permission and it is properly credited! Use the hashtag #upholsteryawareness so we can all easily find, ogle and applaud craftsmanship at its best!

Everywhere! This is a global event, a chance to spread the upholstery love across any platform where you feel comfortable. I will be focusing on Instagram and Facebook, but feel free to take your revelries anywhere you like!

Upholstery is often invisible to the naked eye. Many of our most talented craftspeople operate in small workshops, largely under the radar. The average consumer has no idea how much time, skill and practice custom upholstery really requires. The most challenging portions of any project are often unseen – in the springs, the padding, the planning.

Happily, we now have amazing new tools for showing and sharing the upholstery process through photos and stories. Let your friends and followers see the craft of upholstery through YOUR eyes!

All through October – how often is up to you! Set a goal that is ambitious but realistic. Weekly? Every other day???? DAILY??????

If you are a professional, a student, a supporter of upholstery – this event is for you! You’re all invited to be cheerleaders for the past, present and future of our craft.

Actually ‘Who?’
Visit Cynthia’s post over at The Funky Little Chair for the inside story on how this all became a reality.

I can’t wait to see what you share!

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