Live upholstery workshops are my favorite events at my studio each fall. Here’s a sampling from the latest (September, 2018) workshop.

Kerri traveled to Montana from Alberta, Canada and finished her button-back chair in a fun floral fabric. Workshop veteran, Almira, made big progress on her second in a series featuring her own art prints set into her chair backs.

Kerri & Almira show off upholstery workshop projects

Kerri & Almira show off their projects – a LOT to be proud of!

When using regulators to mark cuts around an arm, it’s often helpful to take a bit of a practice run on the batting first:

Vicki getting the hang of using regulators in upholstery class

Vicki practices with the regulators (batting first, then fabric!)

Read more about weekend upholstery workshops on our class info page.

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