Our Eco-Upholstery Mission: To change the way we ‘see’ our furniture.

What’s Your Story?

If your story is anything like mine, it’s rooted in a deep connection with the natural world. I love that no matter where we live, nature and human relationships shape us, our communities and our cultures.

Makers Making History.

Makers celebrate success in the workshop

Natural Upholstery began under the name Living Home Furniture in 2009. We have evolved from a small scale ‘organic’ furniture manufacturer (2009-11) to a custom upholstery restoration service (2011-16), to our current focus (2016-present) as an educational resource for makers… and we continue to evolve.

In 2017, we were excited to participate as the ‘maker movement’ gave birth to a diverse array of opportunities for people to become empowered through community. Online learning provides a way for you and me to explore on our own at home, while the sprouting of physical maker spaces gives us physical places in which to meet and to brainstorm & innovate together. They’re places we can gather and develop a culture of creating instead of consuming – incubating collective ideas that could seriously change the world. 

In 2019, Carla joined with a group of visionaries to form the National Upholstery Association.

In 2021, Carla joined the Funky Little Chair team to help launch FLC200 Fundamentals, a professional level Modern Upholstery Education program.

Encouraging Makers at the LOCAL level.

Beginning locally, we’re working with makers from all disciplines, fostering a collaborative mindset that takes us outside of expected outcomes. I love the idea that a simple chair upcycling class might turn into an painting extravaganza for one student, an exploration of color for the next, or a disciplined study in lines for yet another.

The point is: There are no boundaries.

The very act of letting go of expectations is the beginning of innovation. Bringing a painter, a graphic designer, a lighting expert and a musician together with a common problem to solve, can yield an amazing outcome. Add just one requirement – to have fun – and you’ve got a formula for success!

Our Mission is to share new ways to ‘see’ our furniture – through storytelling.

Sharing our ‘uphol-stories’ lends a depth of experience to a chair or sofa, endowing it with a purpose that goes far beyond a mere place to sit. Ideally, it becomes a sturdily-built vehicle by which we come to know ourselves – a great starting point in the move toward a more sustainable economy and a healthier, happier world community.

Get involved, take a class, share your vision.

We’re all in a constant state of evolution, aren’t we? If you’re inspired to express yourself through upholstery, sign up for a workshop and bring whatever’s uniquely you to the experience. 

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