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Learn about healthy materials available for the inside of your natural upholstery project and how to use them.

Whether you are a professional upholsterer, interior or furniture designer, or a do-it-yourself maker, you can find healthy, non-toxic materials for your upholstery project and learn how to use them. Tap into our growing library of educational resources to guide you through the process.

Natural Upholstery Materials List

Here are the Natural Upholstery foundation materials you can purchase through our shop:

  1. 100% Natural Latex Foam – both Oeko-Tex and GOLS certified Organic
  2. Premium Wool Batting (84″ wide) – Oeko-Tex certified
  3. Organic Cotton Ticking Fabric (58″ wide) – Oeko-Tex certified
  4. Organic Cotton Batting (27″ wide) – Oeko-Tex certified

FAQ’s about our Services (what we do & don’t provide)

Q. Can you tell me how these natural materials are used in upholstery?
Yes! We have a growing list of resources for anyone who’s interested in healthier upholstery.
Click one of the links below to find resources that are the best fit for you:

Q. Do you sell organic & chemical-free upholstery fabric?
We don’t currently sell upholstery cover fabric, but have begun a resource list of Natural & Organic Fabric for Upholstery. Check it out, and leave a comment about a fabric resource you’ve found (or ‘un-found’) to help others find their perfect fabric.

Q. Do you have custom-cutting services for latex foam?
A. Yes & No: ‘Value’ items (denoted by ‘Best Value’ or ‘Value Size’), can be custom cut before shipping from our supplier. All other items are ‘one-of-a-kind’, and we are currently unable to cut your foam to your specs. For cutting these items to size, you can either consult with your upholstery professional, or cut it yourself (see video: How to Cut Latex Foam for Upholstery). Check the listings in our shop to see what’s available.

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