Enkev natural fibers for upholstery

Do you know of any latex foam or natural fiber suppliers in the UK?…

… Or Europe? … Australia?

These are questions that regularly come across my desk, and up until early 2021, I was not able to offer helpful answers. I am always on the lookout for new materials & natural fibers that have potential for use in healthy upholstery projects, so was excited to discover Enkev, a company based out of The Netherlands.

Thinking Globally

Enkev has been doing business since 1932. They have branches in the UK, Poland, Belgium, and beyond. In March, 2021, they opened a location in High Point, NC, USA. The company produces a wide range of high-quality needled and rubberized natural fibers, non-wovens (and much more), and exports to countries on all continents.

Enkev natural fibers sample box

My sample box contains horsehair, coconut fiber, wool, organic cotton, flax pad, and even camel + alpaca blends!

Unboxing Natural Fibers

I struck up a friendly correspondence with Karsten in NC, and he sent me some samples to try out in some upholstery projects. In the video below, I’m unboxing a needle-punched horsehair pad, a coconut coir pad, a cushioning product called Labyrinth (TPE), and a sample box containing an array of samples previously unfamiliar to me. If you’re in the market for bio-based, sustainable materials, this company has some nice natural fibers to try out (including natural latex foam). You can peruse their full range of products on the Enkev website. Find your local contact rep here.

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