Some of our most precious memories reside in our furniture.

Our furniture tells stories of our experience

My grandfather sits in his favorite chair, feet flat on the floor, long legs bent in his usual relaxed posture, fingers curling gently over the scrolled mahogany posts that curve gracefully from the narrow cylindrical padded arms to the floor. The fabric is a sort of rosy-salmon color, patterned with tiny rough diamonds. It’s that old nylon-that-looks-like-wool-and-lasts-forever that they don’t make any more.

The ritual begins in the kitchen. I am four, my two sisters, five and seven. Each of us is handed a full glass of buttermilk and cautioned to hold it steady to avoid spilling as we are marched into the living room to stand in a row before my grandfather where he awaits our ‘show’ in his chair. A warm smile spreads over this face as he watches us drain our glasses together, each emerging with a white mustached grin.

Many years later, while browsing at a thrift store, I stop before an old tattered chair with a sudden flash of recognition. In my mind, it’s the same chair. I can almost taste the buttermilk. I am bathed once again in that warm smile.

Do you have a similar story connected to a special piece of furniture that paints a picture in YOUR heart?

Healthy furniture.

Carla Pyle teaches eco-upholstery for makers & creatives at

I’m Carla Pyle, co-owner of (formerly known as Living Home Furniture), based in Livingston, Montana. When I think about how lucky we are to live within the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (just north of Yellowstone National Park), I realize it’s no mistake. We’ve discovered a unique balance in this place – the close connection with nature keeps us grounded, while the vibrant culture of our surrounding communities empowers us to embrace the challenges of a rapidly evolving world culture. We all need this. Nature and People.

My work at this moment is focused on creating positive change. For me this means building a resource for Makers to learn upholstery restoration using natural and organic materials. It means sharing stories, skills and imagination in an open source platform – where each of us builds upon the contributions of others to create something new and better. I can’t wait to see what you create! Large or small, impacting a single person or many. Hearing your stories and helping you transform your upholstery project into something that imparts a meaningful presence to your space is the best part of my work!

Chandler Pyle of works magic with chair repair

Partners in life and enterprise, my husband, Chandler, and I bring several years experience building eco-friendly furniture to our current focus on educating and learning about natural upholstery materials.

Chandler Pyle (that’s my sweetie) is the craftsman behind the scenes. Wood is his forté. Every sawn board recalls for him the source tree, and its journey from raw logs to milled lumber. And finally to the furniture that graces our lives. The dark straight grain of mahogany or the curving texture of a walnut burl recalls that deep reverence.

He’s pragmatic. He’s down-to-earth. His carpentry and furniture endeavors over thirty years are wielded quite handily when there’s chair repair to be done.

Let’s create something together.

Getting to know you – online or in the classroom. Collaborating with you – as artists, designers, tradesmen, or every day DIYers. Learning from each unique project – this is what brightens my workday. Let’s spread the wealth of empowerment that comes with creating something new!

Upholstery workshop student learns to use a pneumatic stapler

The Beginning Upholstery class with Carla was one of the most fun and rewarding gifts I ever gave myself. It was very challenging and much more difficult than I had thought it would be, but Carla is an excellent teacher and instills the confidence and knowledge I needed to get it done perfectly. Now I have the first chair of my newly planned living room set of furniture done and I eagerly look forward to putting my new skills to the task of finishing the rest of that set. When done, I will have a unique set of furniture that I will be proud to show off. I look forward to taking more classes from Carla.

Jill Maibe, Livingston, Montana

Our Mission.

Upholstery instructor Carla Pyle helps a student get started on the next step in his project

Our intention is to provide makers, designers and professional upholsterers with the tools and skills to complete your upholstery project using healthy foundation materials. We hope you’ll find our free videos, downloads and educational resources helpful here at

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