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Upholstery class: Cathy staples her seat

Before taking Carla’s workshop, I felt uncertain of my ability to do a good job on a big cushion seat project. During the class, I was able to create a piece I am proud of! I came away with a professional looking (by me!) booth seat for my vintage camper. I feel empowered, confident and anxious to complete the next seat so I can enjoy entertaining in style in my ‘new’ camper.

Cathy Johnson, Coffee Creek Espresso
  • Libby Vale's 'HARM Chair' - photo by Pokey Bolton - published by

52 Artists – #8: Libby Vale

What keeps you in your chair? Libby Vale's HARM chair caught my attention immediately as I scrolled through an entertaining account of the highlights of The Knitting and Stitching Show (London 2018) written by Pokey [...]

  • Flexsteel's unique spring system visible from in this bottom view of the sofa as a workshop participant staples the fabric at a corner

October is Upholstery Awareness Month!

There's a movement afoot. Like the inevitable onset of October's cool weather accompanied by a parade of multihued costumes worn by the maples, mountain ash and aspen groves of my hometown - it's upholstery's time [...]