We are Optimists.

There's nothing quite like the feeling of being alive in nature!

We believe that life should follow the promise of abundance that’s inherent in the natural world. Nature demonstrates by its own example – how to create communities that feed & support each other, in cycles that eliminate the very concept of waste (a la Cradle to Cradle). Natural Upholstery’s intention is to embody this promise!

An Open Resource for the Upholstery Community.

We want to help you create healthy homes, while actively supporting the broader vision of a more sustainable furniture industry. Whether you are a design or upholstery professional, a maker, or hiring a professional, we hope you’ll take advantage of the tools we have available to assist you in choosing the right materials for your project. You’ll find videos & free downloads for measuring, and practical applications for natural upholstery materials.

Don’t miss our comprehensive FAQs section, which provides answers to the most commonly asked questions.

An Information Resource for Natural & Organic Upholstery Materials.

Here at Natural Upholstery (formerly known as Living Home Furniture) we’ve been working with natural & organic upholstery materials since 2009. After selling online for 3 years, we discontinued sales in October 2019 in favor of becoming an unbiased resource for information and education about natural upholstery products, such as natural latex foams, organic & natural upholstery battings and tickings, and many less common materials. Although we have retired (as of September 2023), we hope this site will continue to provide useful educational information for upholsterers, designers and DIYers.

Upholstery Services.

We are no longer offering upholstery services (as of Sept 1, 2023).

Upholstery Education.

We are no longer offering upholstery classes (as of Sept 1, 2023). We hope that the following education resources will help you find what you’re looking for.

National Upholstery Association’s Educator lists:

  • Member Educators support not just their students, but have also made a commitment to support the industry and the NUA (and are thus highly recommended).
  • There are non-member educators who are well versed with plenty of experience – that list can be found here.

Our Natural Upholstery educational videos can be found here and on my YouTube channel.