Natural Upholstery Vendors

Healthy natural materials for upholstery include latex foam, wool batting and organic cotton batting, and various other natural fibers.

Below is a brief listing of online vendors with whom I have had personal contact or ordered from. If I’ve had personal experience with the vendor, my own commentary is included as a brief review.

DIY Natural Bedding

DIY Natural Bedding sells all-natural and organic ‘parts’ for DIY bedding, many of which happen to be the same ‘parts’ used in upholstery.

During the years I have known Deborah, she has always been helpful with sourcing natural materials for upholstery. Recently, she has committed to stocking all of the (soft) materials needed to complete a natural upholstery project – with the goal of becoming a ‘One stop Shop’ for upholsterers working with natural materials. She & I have recently partnered in an effort to provide complimentary services. Visit the DIY Natural Bedding resource page to learn more, and to place an order (Note: This vendor is an affiliate. This means I will receive compensation from the vendor – at no additional cost to you – if you mention that you have been referred by Natural Upholstery, or if you order directly from the links on the above page. This helps support Natural Upholstery’s continued operation as an ad-free educational resource. We appreciate your support!).


Enkev has been selling a full range of natural materials to the European market, and has recently (2021) established a presence in the US. I have met and talked with Karsten Siewert, Enkev’s U.S. representative in North Carolina, who has always been forthcoming with helpful with info about new & alternative materials. He currently works with small U.S. work rooms & designers to help source natural materials for clients & projects. You can fill out their contact form here – and request that Karsten get in touch with you.

Foam Order

Foam Order sells a full range of natural materials, from GOLS organic latex foam, to wool & cotton battings, organic fabrics, covers, and more. They carry, but are not limited to natural & organic products.  Chemically sensitive individuals take note: the workroom is ‘mixed-use’ meaning polyurethane foam is being cut with the same tools as the organic foams. They assured me they do clean the tools between uses, but this may be a concern for some people. DO ask them about their current practices, as this may change.

Natural Felt

Natural Felt sells cotton & wool battings, as well as synthetic fiber. I have ordered their organic cotton batting 20 lb roll which comes in a 27″ wide x roughly 10 yd length – manufactured at their facility in Oregon. At times they’ve fallen behind on stock, with wait times up to 3 weeks. I’ve found the staff very friendly and helpful.

Shepherd’s Dream

Shepherd’s Dream sells domestically produced wool batting. I have not purchased from this vendor recently.

White Lotus Home

White Lotus Home offers natural fiber battings and fabrics. They have been friendly & helpful when I call with questions. One customer who contacted me reported that the wool batting has a plastic backing. I have not confirmed this, but you may want to ask if you order this.

Organic Cotton Plus

Organic Cotton Plus stocks organic cotton batting, fabrics and notions.

Two Sisters Ecotextiles

Organic Cotton Plus stocks certified upholstery fabrics, and are the most transparent & knowledgable resource I know when it comes to textiles that are truly safe and non-toxic.

Also see a list of Natural & Organic Fabrics for Upholstery.

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