Upholsterer’s Guide to Natural Materials

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Are you planning an upholstery project that will replace petroleum-based urethane foam with non-toxic natural latex foam? or replacing polyester batting with wool batting as [...]

[video] How to Measure your Natural Latex Cushion for Wool Batting

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Watch this video and download the companion worksheet for step-by-step instructions for calculating how much wool batting you will need to book-wrap your latex foam cushion: [...]

Interpreting the CA Flame Retardants Standard for Upholstered Furniture

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With the new flame retardants test, is it only the outer upholstery fabric which should pass the test, or does it apply the filling materials [...]

Green Upholstery Cushions for a Vintage Airstream

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In honor of Earth Day 2016, here's a compelling story of one person who is Taking the sustainable lifestyle on the road. James Berroya began renovating his 1969 Airstream [...]

Tool Demo: Cutting Foam for Upholstery Cushions

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Watch a quick video that demonstrates two different tools for cutting upholstery foam - a meat carving knife and an upholsterer's foam saw. Subscribe now to receive [...]