How many cushions do you have in your favored home hangout?

I’ve come to the conclusion that you just can’t have too many cushions – as long as you love each and every one of them. I do love a simple pillow, but if we’re looking at potential for design versatility, the boxed cushion wins hands down in my book. Let me tell you why…

Box cushions for upholstery

You can rehabilitate a vintage leather sofa without breaking the bank – just replace worn out leather cushions with a comfy fabric.
vintage leather sofa with fabric cushions - dog heaven!

Or add a happy note with a colorfully patterned fabric! Yes, this entire chair was planned with these joyful colors in mind, but think about the possibilities for spicing up a not-so-happy chair in your life.

paradise punch chair by andrea milhalik of wild chairy

‘Paradise Punch’ by Andrea Milhalik of Wild Chairy illustrates happy colors in upholstery that can brighten up a room

Or revive a period style with timeless color.

mid century chair - clean design - tufted teal cushions

Clean mid century design – solid turquoise wool cushions bestow an inviting depth

Indoor/Outdoor Cushions

Re-design your patio, deck or sun room with new patterns & colors.

bright multi-colored cushions pop with contrasting piping

Dress up a patio chair or add pop to a window seat with a complimentary cording fabric

color your interior with multi-colored floor cushions - lee jofa fabrics

Mix it up with spanish fabrics – a single pattern in several different color-ways.

 Yoga studio/meditation room

solid color meditation cushions compliment the asian aesthetic with bamboo greenery

Solid color floor cushions compliment this meditation space


Find your roots in asymmetrical design.

kuba cloth tribal floor cushion with engaging asymmetrical pattern

African aesthetic with comfortable styling – like a well-worn teddy bear

Perfect for the yoga studio.

ahh... the serenity of earth tones - african fabrics / yoga cushions

African earth tone cushion designs are united by the same color boxing, yet each has unique face fabric variations

The ‘Chill Zone’

soften the ceilng with draped fabric swags in warm colors for a serene meditation space

Scattered floor cushions and low sofas invite intimate conversation

Shapes to fit any interior

kantha floor cushions in soft colors

Sewn edge treatment gives these cushions a soft, inviting presence

moroccan-style cushions in many shapes and sizes

moroccan-style cushions in many shapes and sizes

european-style needlework cushions - frederique morrel

large european-style needlework cushions (or poufs!)

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