Get creative and update your furniture without breaking the bank on expensive fabric. Learn how to paint your own fabric for upholstery! 

hand-painted horse with expressive eyes

You can use an optional quilting stitch to add texture and depth to your fabric

We’ll begin with the basics in this introductory class, practicing on a simple slip seat design for a dining chair.

hand painted red leaves on green background

Simple designs from nature can provide wonderful inspiration

Two Sessions:  (2 hours each)

Session 1 – Learn what materials and supplies are easiest to start with:

  • What kinds of paints you can use and where to find them (hint: low cost or free salvaged acrylic paint is one easy option)
  • fabrics that work best for paint-your-own upholstery and where to find them
  • where to find design inspiration – color, pattern, texture & what you love!
  • make an easy template to use in the second session

Session 2 – Get down to painting:

  • get your feet wet practicing 3 simple techniques that don’t require expensive tools
  • learn how to get different effects with tools & materials you have around the house
  • bring your own fabric to experiment with or use the fabric supplied in class
delicate blue flowers

Inspiration can come from a photograph, magazine image or a shape from your imagination

Intro to Fabric Painting for Upholstery: Future sessions to be announced

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