A Flexsteel sofa that bears a  striking resemblance to an Adrian Pearsall gondola sofa paired with an actual Adrian Pearsall/Craft Associates 2406C chair – both purchased new in 1965 and upholstered in the same colorful fabric.

purple/floral 1965 sofa with wood accent

purple chair & labelAt home in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the owner called to ask me about re-upholstery, and said they needed some minor wood repair. I haven’t heard what she ultimately did with these – I’m guessing she kept them in the family, along with all the precious memories associated with them.

A photo from the Craft Associates website showing the same chair

2 views - mid century chair

back view of sofa & label detail

mid-century Flexsteel sofa with original label attached

two views - front of sofa

Classic mid-century styling with three separate sets of coordinating cushions

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