Image of top and bottom of large button

The original button was not re-usable for the ottoman re-upholstery

Our recent rehab of a round ottoman from the 60s presented a unique problem: where to get a good strong button to replace the old one, covered to match the new fabric. The buttons available at the local craft store were not the right size, so we created our own 2-inch button from  5/16″ plywood.

drill press with hole saw attachment cutting a circlular piece of plywood

Cutting out button blank with drill press – be sure to remove pilot bit from the hole saw first

belt sander with hand-held button attached to dowel for easy grasp

Sanding the edges of the button for a rounded shape

hand-held button with drilling in progress

The center is marked on the button and two holes are drilled

hand-held button showing chisel cutting between holes

A shallow groove is cut with a chisel between the holes for the twine to lay flush with the button’s finished surface

button with twine through two holes and cover fabric cut-out

New button ready to be covered – remember to insert the twine before gluing and stapling the cover fabric

two views of newly covered button - top and bottom (stapled on bottom)

The newly covered custom made button ready to be used on the ottoman

finished round ottoman with central button

The completed button and ottoman

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