A beautifully streamlined, extra-long sofa of mid-century design, this beauty is most likely an Adrian Pearsall from Craft Associates.

Pearsall produced wrought iron and wood furniture for department stores from the early 50s through the late 60s when the company was sold to the Lane Company. Although there is no identifying tag with this particular sofa, it bears strong similarities to his designs pictured in the family’s catalog of his work.

2 views of modern style chair

This unique chair is a Swedish DUX mid-century design

This chair was acquired along with the sofa, and covered in the same upholstery. The two items may have been a custom order, or perhaps purchased from Macy’s, which carried the Craft Associates furniture in the 50s and 60s.

Sorry, these pieces are no longer available. We are not in the business of acquiring and selling furniture, aside from helping our students find suitable projects for classes.

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