If you’re wondering why the extra layer of ‘ticking fabric’ is recommended between the wool batting and outer upholstery fabric, the answer is two-fold:

  1. the organic cotton ticking fabric provides an added layer of protection from light. Latex foam breaks down quickly when exposed to light – especially UV light, though I’ve seen evidence that indoor fluorescent and incandescent lighting can be detrimental as well. Both the wool batting and the ticking fabric provide a measure of protection, and the two combined will help keep your latex foam soft and long-lasting.
  2. if you are using the wool batting with a woven upholstery fabric, ticking fabric is strongly recommended to prevent migration of the wool fibers through the outer fabric, resulting in unsightly pilling on the fabric surface.

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You can read more in this blog post, and check out the video ‘Wool Batting + Ticking Fabric = A Non-toxic, Long-Lasting Natural Upholstery Cushion’

Note: If you are using leather or a similar non-woven, heavy upholstery, then the ticking is not necessary.