As of February, 2020, I am still doing limited local upholstery work in SW Montana, and not accepting long-distance work. Please be advised of the following physical limitations regarding size and volume of the work I can take in:

  1. Due to space constraints with education activities going on at the same time in the workroom, I am not accepting full-sized sofas or recliners, and can only work on one item at a time (with some exceptions for smaller items & soft goods).
  2. Access to the workroom is up a flight of narrow stairs. Due to illness within the family, I am no longer able to offer pick-up service or handling of items above a certain weight & size. Delivery and pickup of each item (including up & down the stairs) will be your responsibility.

If you are not local to SW Montana, check out the National Upholstery Association’s resource for finding an upholsterer in your area, then refer to this resource for help working with your local upholsterer on using natural materials in your project.