What keeps you in your chair?

Libby Vale's 'HARM Chair' - photo by Pokey Bolton - published by CraftIndustryAlliance.org

Libby Vale’s HARM chair caught my attention immediately as I scrolled through an entertaining account of the highlights of The Knitting and Stitching Show (London 2018) written by Pokey Bolton.

Libby, a graduate of Hereford University’s textile program, uses stitch to raise awareness of human rights, and explore political issues, anxieties, and wishes.

Libby Vale - photo by Pokey Bolton for CraftIndustryAlliance.org

Libby Vale – photo by Pokey Bolton for CraftIndustryAlliance.org

Quoting from Pokey’s article:

With her HARM chair—entirely free-motion machine stitched—Libby works out her feelings of sadness on how social anxiety isolates some of the most vulnerable people in our society. She began by posing on social media, “What keeps you in your chair and not mixing with others?” She received so many responses, they consumed several pages worth on her social media page. She then compiled and free-motion embroidered these comments to create and upholster this chair.

I’m always drawn to textile arts, especially as applied to upholstery. I love that Libby has worked her magic without the use of color. The stark contrast of black thread on plain white fabric coupled with the circular pattern of words stitched into the seat somehow adds gravity and focus to her message.

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