52 Artists – #7: Andrea Mihalik

This is the craft of upholstery at it’s finest

andrea Mihalik of Wild Chairy with some of her 'upholstery art' creations

Andrea Mihalik is an upholstery artisan of the highest caliber. Her work is especially relevant to NaturalUpholstery.com’s mission of sustainability, because she uses natural materials and old world techniques to create her one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. She takes each vintage chair down to the ‘bare bones’, then utilizes time-tested upholstery techniques to meticulously rebuild it – retaining the original character and shape of the piece using only the highest quality sustainable materials (horsehair, natural cotton, jute, and wool, and others).

Andrea Mihalik's 'Sienna' - wildchairy.com

Andrea Mihalik’s ‘Sienna’ – wildchairy.com

After her studies at Tyler School of Art, Andrea began working in upholstery in the early 2000’s. Her first big break came when she was accepted into the Architectural Digest Home & Design Show, and the rest (as the saying goes) is history. Her work currently extends to design consulting and assisting clients in fabric & color choices specific to their own aesthetic.

Andrea Mihalik's -Grayson chair' (before & after) from WildChairy.com

Andrea Mihalik’s – ‘Grayson’ (before & after) – WildChairy.com

Wild Chairy is born out of fearless expression, an exuberant tearing down of boundary, and a joyful devotion to the idea that creativity should be fun.

– Andrea Mihalik (quote from the Wild Chairy website).

Andrea Mihalik's 'LuLu' chair - wildchairy.com

Andrea Mihalik’s ‘LuLu’ chair – wildchairy.com

Saving the best for last… My current favorite (pictured below) is made with fabric from the UK’s Timorous Beasties:

Andrea Mihalik's 'Timorous' chair - wildchairy.com

Andrea Mihalik’s ‘Timorous’ – wildchairy.com

See more of Andrea’s work at WildChairy.com.

If you have an interest in working in upholstery as a business, check out the interview of Andrea Mihalik by Shelly Leer of ModHomeEc, which gives some great insights on Andrea’s journey.

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