[video] Cotton Batting or Wool Batting for Upholstery?

What’s the Difference?

Wool & cotton batting samples


There’s a lot of confusion around what the different upholstery battings look and feel like, as well as what they’re used for. Curious, I looked up the American Heritage Dictionary definition of batting, which reads as follows:

Cotton, wool, or synthetic fiber wadded into rolls or sheets, used for stuffing furniture and mattresses and for lining quilts.


Then I looked up cotton batting synonyms, and found cushion, filling, packing, padding, stuffing, insides, innards, layer, wadding, and more…

In upholstery, the terms we use for batting seem to vary geographically. The brits call cotton batting ‘COTTON WADDING’. I like this, because it clearly suggests the use for this material as more suited to internal stuffing than the lighter surface-oriented treatment of a cushion wrap. See cotton batting photos here.


Check out my post ‘All About Premium Wool Batting for Natural Upholstery’ for a comprehensive overview of wool batting, and see wool batting photos here.


Watch the video for my explanation of the difference between cotton batting & wool batting for upholstery – when to use them in your upholstery project, and when it’s better NOT to. Learn why cotton batting is better suited as upholstery foundation material and why wool is best as a cushion wrap. What’s an upholstery foundation material? Learn the answer in this video!


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