Learn about five essential non-toxic materials you can use in your upholstery project. A Sample Box is the perfect way to feel them for yourself! NaturalUpholstery.com has two sizes of Sample Box: SMALL and LARGE.

Each Sample Box contains:

  • GOLS organic + Oeko-Tex certified 100% Natural Latex Foam samples
  • Premium Wool Batting with thin spun wool backing – a light weight cushion wrap
  • Organic Cotton Batting – an upholstery foundation material
  • Organic Cotton Ticking Fabric – prevents wool fibers from migrating through your upholstery cover fabric

Watch the video to learn more about the 5 Natural Upholstery Materials you’ll find in  NaturalUpholstery.com’s Sample Boxes.

We will honor requests for specific foam firmnesses for your sample order whenever possible. If we don’t have the requested firmness in stock, we will send the closest firmness we have in stock.

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