Upholsterer’s Guide to Natural Materials

Upholsterers guide to natural materials - How much do I need?

Are you planning an upholstery project that will replace petroleum-based urethane foam with non-toxic natural latex foam? or replacing polyester batting with wool batting as a cushion-wrap?

Learn important size distinctions between natural upholstery materials and ‘conventional’ materials. This is a must-have for upholstery DIYers & Pros alike. Download the worksheet & do it yourself, or take it to your upholsterer to make accurate calculations for how much of each material you need, including 100% Natural Latex Foam, Wool Batting, and Organic Cotton Ticking Fabric. Get the dimensions of the materials – all in one place!

Download the Guide/worksheet here.

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  1. Jan Wyse December 17, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    hi Carla, thanks for using natural! I am a re-upholsterer and have been wanting to go more natural but none of my suppliers offer very many natural materials. I’ve tried to find horse hair, coconut fiber and the like to use in my upholstery but haven’t been vary successful. (i’m in the united states) I’ve been wondering if I can use hemp fibern my upholstery. have you looked into that at all? thanks , Jan

  2. Carla Pyle December 18, 2018 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Jan,
    I haven’t used hemp fiber in upholstery. I’m not sure what different forms that might take, but if the fibers are long enough, and not too heavy, it might work. This seems to be getting more into the ‘traditional’ side of upholstery, which is not a familiar process for me. Since you are an upholsterer, you might try Albany Foam, a wholesale supplier which has horsehair. I agree, it’s tough to find these fibers. Hopefully this will change for the better in the near future.
    Thanks so much for your question!

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