Life isn’t about Finding yourself

Life is about Creating yourself.

– George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw quote with bright yellow mid century modern chair

You’re creating yourself every day.

I love this quote because it gets me thinking about how I’m creating myself with the things I do every day. There’s a suppleness that comes with stretching yourself, and it doesn’t have to be huge and scary.

For instance, I find endless inspiration in the array of shapes and colors of fall leaves. Sometimes I bring them home and  press them between the pages of my 5-inch thick 1959 hand-tooled leather copy of Webster’s Dictionary. Other times I leave them on the table to curl up and dry, and eventually they end up in the compost.

Fall leaves in a rainbow of colors

Fall leaves in a rainbow of colors

What are you creating today?

You have your own perspective. I believe the key to positive change in the world is sharing this with others, and remaining open to other peoples’ viewpoints. It’s evolution. Maybe leaves aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re fascinated with stainless steel, or clouds or the connections on a logic board that make lighting work in different ways.

Andres Amador expresses himself ephemerally – drawing on sand. His work is captivating.

Share yourself (and don’t forget to listen, too).

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