Call for Makers’s 2016 ‘Uphol-Stories’ video series is looking for a few creative upholstery makers who would like to share their ‘uphol-story’ as we work on your project together on video. You get to learn upholstery hands-on, and everyone else gets to see what’s possible.

What's Your Uphol-story? Join creative upholstery makers in this new video series!

Imagine a DIY bride’s uphol-story… (photo:

How it Works:

We schedule a one day (or less) 1-on-1 workshop to film the process beginning to end & convert it to time-lapse video. You share your story in a couple of short interviews before and after (what’s your chair’s history? and what will you discover as you bring your vision to life today?). It all gets distilled down to a short, day-in-the-life video.

a simple chair + your creative vision = a maker’s story!

Check out @uphol_stories on Instagram to see other stories in progress.

Interested in the back-story? Read my recent post about my vision for the future of our furniture choices. It all begins with makers like you, so let’s get creative, stay healthy and do away with waste!

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