An Upholstery Apprentice Story

June, 2014: Almira is a wonderful upholstery apprentice who is helping me in my upholstery studio. In exchange for her help with my projects, she gets to work on her own ‘art chair’. She chose a window-back dining seat as her project, for its potential to add a unique artistic element (scroll to see the ‘After’ photos!).

Art Chair in Progress: Deconstruction

Upholstery apprentice with window back chair

‘Before’ re-upholstery: Almira picturing the design possibilities

Upholstery apprentice deconstructing window back chair

Deconstructing the chair back

Upholstery apprentice deconstructing upholstered chair down to the seat springs

Upholstery deconstruction: down to the springs

Art Chair in Progress: Reconstruction

Upholstery apprentice attaching seat fabric to her window back chair

Fitting the seat fabric

Upholstery student stapling seat fabric to her window back dining chair

Stapling the seat fabric

Upholstery apprentice pinning fabric on her window back chair

Meticulous pinning of the fabric around the ‘window’ back

Upholstery apprentice stapling fabric on her window back chair

Almost ready for the Art part of the chair!

Upholstered window back chair with art print incorporated

Art print installed – working on the finishing touches

Art Chair Before & After

August, 2014 Update: Fini!

Upholstery apprentice modeling her art chair - Before & After

Time to celebrate!

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