Have a heART for ART – Chairs

Ten artists’ wildly divergent transformations of chairs wow’ed the crowd at the September 27th, 2013 opening of an Art Chair exhibit at The Frame Garden Gallery. From Olivia Lossett’s oak ‘Double X’s’ to Rosie Wynkoop’s ‘Crown Jewel’, the re-made seats are an expression of each artist’s individual interpretation of their chosen raw material.

street view of gallery

The Frame Garden Gallery


dilapidated chair in garden, screws, wood

Olivia Losett’s chair ‘Before’

Finished oak wall art with 2 X's

Olivia Losett’s chair ‘After’ –  oak wall piece “Double X’s”


old chair in grass & artist with transformed art chair

Rosie Wynkoop with her chair “Crown Jewel”

The challenge for the show was to breathe new life into an old chair (or concept of a chair) of one’s choosing. Each piece at the gallery is displayed with a ‘before’ photograph which illustrates the wide gap that the artists were challenged to fill with their creativity – and nicely demonstrating the essence of ‘Up-cycle’.

Man with black & green art chair

Gus Borneman with his ‘Space Invaders’ art chair


old chair with chickens

Amélie’s chair ‘Before’

white cabinet - closed

Amélie’s chair ‘After’ – “Boring Old Cabinet” (closed)

old chair transformed into art cabinet

Amélie’s chair ‘After’ – “Boring Old Cabinet” (open)


girl with steering wheel, car seat

Leslie Gregory’s chair ‘Before’

robot made from a car seat & steering wheel

Leslie Gregory’s chair ‘After’ – “Amber”


mound of clay & finished ceramic vessel

Josh DeWeese’s ‘Before & After’ concept of a chair


broken wood folding chair & art piece

Keith Goodhart’s Before & After – ‘Calm Chair’

wall art piece made from an old chair

Keith Goodhart’s ‘After’ – “Untitled”


woman talking about her art piece with a gallery visitor

Sarah Anderson discussing her wall piece at the gallery opening


woman with drum-woman

Traci Isaly demonstrates her interactive art chair “Woman who stands with rhythm in her belly” at the gallery


image of old red chair and artist with same chair transformed

Carla Pyle with her chair ‘Before & After’

This show took place in October, 2013 – curated by Carla Pyle and Traci Isaly. If you are in Livingston, Montana looking for an entertaining art  experience, check out The Frame Garden Gallery.

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  1. sarah anderson October 10, 2013 at 9:09 am

    Thanks Carla, This came together beautifully!

  2. shelly October 10, 2013 at 9:33 am

    FANTASTIC!! You are my hero!!

  3. colleen story October 10, 2013 at 9:48 am

    And to think they all fit into that space, well done show, enjoyed it and the brie was yummy,too!

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