Penny Bonda revisits some small ways we can all choose to live a more sustainable lifestyle:

1.    Turn trash to treasure, or at least, not be so quick to throw it away. There is no away. Today’s aging furnishings will soon become vintage. Think about it.
2.    Avoid toxic materials. Viable alternatives exist. Go find them.
3.    Support FSC certified wood. Write it into every specification. As we increase the demand, supply and price reductions will surely follow.
4.    Participate in the process. Join USGBC, comments on the rating systems and credit revisions, vote in the elections. Activism works! Speaking of which…
5.    Sign on to the 2030 Challenge, which commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions for all buildings by 50% right now, and…
6.    Remember this number – 350 – and pledge to redouble your efforts to build a global climate movement strong enough to get the world back to 350.
7.    Switch out every incandescent light for a CFL or one of the fabulous new LEDs.
8.    Search out and discover innovative ways to install renewable technology strategies in our projects, and/or…
9.    Purchase carbon offset credits. Get a list of reliable providers here.
10.    Avoid greenwash by learning more about what’s truly green. Third party certifications are a great place to start.
11.    Support the triple bottom line by giving your business to manufacturers and suppliers that equally value ecology, social justice and economics
12.    Eliminate paper use – and plastic. Go digital in the office and polyester or canvas at home. (Penny’s) favorite reusable is by ChicoBag.
13.    Boycott bottled water – at the office, home, on the road. Install water filters or use a water delivery service. Tote your water in a stainless steel BPA-free bottle (example here).
14.    Eat healthier and exercise more – everyone’s inevitable resolution. This year it’s yours by eating locally grown organic food and leaving the car at home. Walk or bike to work.