Where to Buy Healthy Non-Toxic Materials for Upholstery

Looking to buy safe, healthy natural materials for your upholstery project? We’re talking about latex foam, wool batting and organic cotton batting, and various other natural fibers.

Below are listings of several online/retail vendors that sell organic & natural upholstery materials. I wish I could say this is an exhaustive list, but I’m sure I am missing some. If you know of a shop that’s not listed I’d love to hear about them – just send a link with a brief description of your experience with them. Please share your experience with any company you’ve purchased these materials from in the comments below, or email me through our Contact page. My intention is for this to be a peer-reviewed list.

My own commentary is included as a brief review (if I’ve had personal experience with the vendor). Materials that have been used in our Natural Upholstery videos will be called out in the listing with a link to the video.

Finally, If you’re inclined to let your chosen vendor(s) know you’ve been referred by Natural Upholstery, that would be helpful. I don’t receive any compensation for referrals at this point, and I’m hoping to build awareness of these communication channels to improve future supply options for customers like you. Thank you!

DIY Natural Bedding

Sells only all-natural and organic ‘parts’ for DIY bedding, many of which happen to be the same ‘parts’ used in upholstery. My experience with this vendor has been top notch – they are upbeat and responsive to questions and address any problems that may come up promptly.

  • Custom Cut GOLS Certified Organic 100% Natural Latex Foam – manufactured using sap from rubber trees (Hevea Brasilensis) grown in Southeast Asia (featured in our video ‘How to Cut Latex Foam for Upholstery’). Some items may be cut in a ‘mixed use’ workroom, so if you’re chemically sensitive, you may want to ask about this).
  • Wool Batting produced in the USA – Sold by the yard (88″ wide), 1.8 lbs/linear yard OR mattress size batts. I have purchased the mattress size batts, which are very nice to work with. Tip: I’ve found that queen size batts yield the least waste – a 60×80″ batt cut in half yields two 30″ wide x 80″ lengths, which are standard width for most upholstery applications.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Batting – Sold by the yard (88″ wide), 2.4 lbs/linear yard
  • Kapok Fiber – harvested from the seed pods of Ceiba trees growing in rain forest latitudes. Sold by the pound – for stuffing cushions or pillows.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric – has a tight enough weave for use as a ticking fabric to prevent wool fibers from migrating through to the surface of your outer fabric.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Twill Fabric – has a tight enough weave for use as a ticking fabric to prevent wool fibers from migrating through to the surface of your outer fabric.
  • Wooly Bolas – produced in the USA – for stuffing cushions or pillows.

Foam Order

Sells a full range of foams for many uses – carries, but is not limited to natural & organic products. Chemically sensitive individuals take note: the workroom is ‘mixed-use’ meaning urethane & flame retardant foams will be cut with the same tools as the organic foams. They do clean the tools between uses, but this may be a concern for some people.

Natural Felt

Sells cotton batting & wool batting. I have ordered their organic cotton batting 20 lb roll which comes in a thick and uniform 27″ wide x roughly 10 yd length – manufactured at their facility in Oregon. At times they’ve fallen behind on stock, with wait times up to 3 weeks. I’ve found the staff very friendly and helpful.

  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Batting – organically grown in the USA, without boric acid powder or mineral oil.
  • Wool Batting – a clean premium quality wool that is a product of the pacific north west and is chemical free. Sold in bundles made up of mattress-size batts.

Shepherd’s Dream

Sells domestically produced wool batting.

  • Wool Batting produced in the USA – Sold in 2 weights (2.1 & 2.8 lbs/linear yard), both 88″ wide

White Lotus Home

Offers products that are non-threatening to the planet and its inhabitants and is committed to educating consumers about the benefits of natural.

Sells bulk quantities (minimum order required) of several natural fibers. They have all been very friendly & helpful when I call with questions.

See ‘Choosing Latex Firmness for Upholstery’ for a reference on ILD.

This is the basic list. I’d love to hear your recommendations, your experience with a vendor or just your thoughts – please post them in the comments below, or drop me an email. Thanks for visiting!

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