Healthy Non-Toxic Materials for Upholstery

Are you looking to buy safe, healthy natural materials for your upholstery project? This includes latex foam, wool batting, cotton batting, and various other natural fibers and fabrics – many with GOTS, GOLS or OekoTex certifications.

Evolution of Natural Upholstery

Twelve years ago, when my ‘natural upholstery’ journey first began, my experience with sourcing natural materials specifically for use in upholstery was decidedly inconsistent. This was due to the fact that the materials I was seeking were  manufactured mainly for the bedding industry. At that time, requests for non-mattress dimensions were often met with skepticism.

Over the years, as I learned more, I’ve shared the knowledge through classes or in educational resources on this site. My intention has always been to help upholstery professionals, designers, and DIYers understand the ins & outs of working with these materials in a wide range of upholstery projects.

A ‘One Stop Shop’ for Natural Upholstery Materials

Since my husband & I began building and reupholstering sustainable furniture using natural & organic materials back in 2009, I have been in communication with many vendors who sell them.

In three years of stocking and selling natural & organic materials myself through the Natural Upholstery website, I gained insight into both the supply side AND the experiences of my customers.

In late 2019, as I began focusing more of my energy on upholstery education, I discontinued sales of natural upholstery materials. Nevertheless, new inquiries continued to roll in asking where to buy the materials. In early 2020, I began contacting vendors who sell various one-off natural products, to gauge their interest in providing a ‘One Stop Shop’ where upholsterers could purchase all of the materials in one place. Finally, in January 2021,  I reconnected with a trusted vendor looking to work with the upholstery trade: DIY Natural Bedding.

DIY Natural Bedding

Deborah Brenton has been selling natural & organic non-toxic materials for DIY bedding since 2011. I have been corresponding with her about upholstery materials since 2016. From the very beginning of our association, I was struck by Deborah’s upbeat approach to any question or challenge. Over the years we have developed a trust that stems from a goal we both share – to help people learn about using natural & organic materials, and to help them source healthy materials for their projects.

Please note: I am in the process of developing an affiliate relationship with this vendor. This means I will receive compensation from the vendor if you mention that you have been referred by Natural Upholstery. This helps fund Natural Upholstery’s continued operation as an ad-free educational resource, and also helps DIY Natural Bedding continue to improve their services to the upholstery trade. We appreciate your support!

  • Custom Cut GOLS Certified Organic 100% Natural Latex Foam – manufactured using sap from rubber trees (Hevea Brasilensis) grown in Southeast Asia (featured in our video ‘How to Cut Latex Foam for Upholstery’). Some items may be cut in a ‘mixed use’ workroom, so if you’re chemically sensitive, you may want to ask about this).
  • Wool Batting produced in the USA – Sold by the yard (88″ wide), 1.8 lbs/linear yard OR mattress size batts. I have purchased the mattress size batts, which are very nice to work with. Tip: I’ve found that queen size batts yield the least waste – a 60×80″ batt cut in half yields two 30″ wide x 80″ lengths, which are standard width for most upholstery applications.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Batting – Sold by the yard (88″ wide), 2.4 lbs/linear yard
  • Kapok Fiber – harvested from the seed pods of Ceiba trees growing in rain forest latitudes. Sold by the pound – for stuffing cushions or pillows.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric – has a tight enough weave for use as a ticking fabric to prevent wool fibers from migrating through to the surface of your outer fabric.
  • GOTS Certified Organic Cotton Twill Fabric – has a tight enough weave for use as a ticking fabric to prevent wool fibers from migrating through to the surface of your outer fabric.
  • Wooly Bolas – produced in the USA – for stuffing cushions or pillows.


See ‘Choosing Latex Firmness for Upholstery’.

This is the basic list. I’d love to hear your recommendations, your experience with a vendor or just your thoughts – please post them in the comments below, or drop me an email. Thanks for visiting!

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