“What are Moolongz?!” An old friend’s recent move to Gloucester (pronounced Glaw’stah), Massachusetts prompted a visit to that rugged seaside town and our discovery of the oldest working art colony in the U.S. The Rocky Neck Art Colony occupies its own little promontory of land in the bustling seaport of Gloucester Harbor.

summer boats

Gloucester Harbor at Rocky Neck

colorful cottage dining spot

Sailor Stan’s – eatery

fish paintings

Fish paintings on the outside wall at Sailor Stan’s

Together we explored streets lined with colorful buildings and small eateries, stopping in at galleries & art studios each of which tell their own story.

sidewalk sailboat painting

John Nesta has been painting at Rocky Neck for 40 years

pair of concrete arm chairs at Rocky Neck

Concrete chairs help visitors stay cool in the shade

One little gallery stood wide open, with nobody around.

double decker bicycle in front of art gallery

That double-decker bike actually looks rideable… with practice

Then we noticed it was self-serve!

Money basket with instructions for self serve art gallery

How self-serve works: take your purchase with you, put cash or check in the basket, send a check if you do not have payment with you. Trust & Be Trusted!

When we came to E.J. Lefavour’s gallery, she welcomed us with a warm smile and proceeded to tell us her story, assisted by illustrations from her new book ‘I See Moolongz’ arranged story-board fashion on the wall.

E.J. Lefavour telling the story of Moolongz

E.J. Lefavour telling the story of Moolongz at her gallery

‘I See Moolongz’ is a magically illustrated guide into the wonders of our Inner Power; that which connects us with each other and all of creation.

Many people believe that intelligent life only exists on planet Earth. There are also many who believe life is a matter of destiny, dictated by some power or circumstances outside of ourselves and beyond our control. The Moolongz know that isn’t true. They know that we have within us unlimited power to create and live amazing, joyful and fulfilled lives, and they have come to Earth to teach us how.

Moolongz are highly evolved beings from Perfect Planet in the distant Galaxy of One. Because Moolongz vibrate at a much higher frequency than human beings and communicate in mind, they can only be seen and heard by the most highly evolved humans.

In the process of experiencing and learning about Earth and human beings, Moolongz teach us about ourselves and the wonders of our inner power. They also learn lessons that Moolongz could only become aware of through encountering humans.   – description on the back of the book

E.J Lefavour in her gallery

E.J.’s story-board for the book ‘I See Moolongz’

Moolongz wearing masks

‘I See Moolongz’ book cover

Along with a copy of her new book, a generous share of the wellspring of warmth and joy accompanied us on parting from E.J.’s studio. I highly recommend this read. You can order ‘I See Moolongz’ on E.J’s website.

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