A Before & After story with a truly exquisite result.
Our client told us that this pair of slipper chairs was re-upholstered many years ago by her mother, and had since become her cat’s favorite chair. The tough corduroy fabric had withstood the test of time admirably, but no fabric lasts forever, and sometimes you just need a change…

Her choice of a beautiful teal velvet transformed the chairs – and her living room!

Images of the restoration process:

Upholstery removed and legs sanded for refinish


One dark leg dictated the final coloring of all the legs on both chairs

3 images show how the padding fits together on the wooden seat frame

The padding layers are re-fitted together on the frame after replacement of the edging

upholstery process - covering the padding with fabric

After the seat fabric is secure, the seat band is attached along with welting

The seat band is folded down over the new padding and stapled under the seat

The buttons are secured at the back with wads of cotton

The seat backs and seats ready for assembly

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