100% Natural Oeko-Tex Dunlop Latex Foam – Precut 35 x 38 x 1.5″ thick SOFT


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Oeko-Tex Certified 100% Natural Latex Foam, SOFT – made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis 

No flame retardants or chemicals

Out of stock


100% Natural Oeko-Tex Certified Latex Foam for upholstery: non-toxic, safe for children.

Latex is naturally:

  • hypo-allergenic
  • resistant to dust mites
  • antimicrobial & anti fungal

This listing is for one piece of SOFT density (suitable for a soft-feel back cushion, upholstered arms, or crafts) – measuring 35 x 38 x 1.5 inches thick.

Not sure what firmness you need? See ‘How to Choose Latex Firmness for Upholstery’

Please note: this is a one-of-a-kind item.

Not sure how much foam to buy? Be sure your new replacement foam measures 1/2 inch larger than the cushion cover into which it will fit.

Watch the video below to see how to measure for best fit and download our free measuring worksheet here.

See the video How to Choose Natural Latex Firmness for Upholstery


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