40-minute Natural Upholstery Consultation with Carla Pyle


Sign up for a 40-minute consultation with Carla Pyle and get help with incorporating natural materials into your upholstery project.


Carla Pyle, owner at Natural Upholstery, has been using natural & organic materials in upholstery projects for over twelve years, and has learned a few time- and money-saving techniques along the way. Whether you’re a maker, professional upholsterer, designer, or hiring a pro to do the work for you, Carla is here to help you navigate the process of incorporating natural materials into your upholstery project from start to finish.

Our one-on-one meeting will take place via Zoom video, unless other arrangements are requested. Learn more details about how the consultation works.

Once your payment is received, Carla will send a follow-up email within two business days:

  1. Requesting photos and additional information, if needed.
  2. Sharing a Calendly link for you to schedule your consultation.

Questions? Send an email to Carla through the Contact page, or submit a Project Summary Form, and include any questions you have about the process.


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