Boxed Cushion Upholstery Workshop


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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Live workshops at my studio have been suspended due to COVID-19. Stay well, and I look forward to sharing with you through online channels in the meantime :)

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Learn how to build a professionally shaped & fitted boxed, welted, zippered cushion.

What you will learn:

This is a hands-on workshop with upholstery instructor Carla Pyle. You will learn how to build a boxed zippered cushion, including fabric layout & cutting, sewing seams, installing a zipper, and professional tips & tricks of the trade in a fun and supportive atmosphere.

Proper boxed cushion planning and assembly is a ‘core’ skill for anyone looking to enter the upholstery profession. If you’re just in it for your own edification, you’ll have the tools to build your own professional quality cushions for chairs, sofas, pet beds, outdoor furniture, window seats and much more.

Workshop Schedule:

A. Introductory Videos, Guides & Worksheets

As soon as your registration is complete, you’ll receive a link to view a series of videos, guides & worksheets including:

  1. Materials list
  2. Guide to choosing foam & firmness
  3. Guide to understanding fabric layout
  4. Example layouts and worksheets
  5. Worksheets to measure and calculate how much foam & fabric to buy for your project
  6. Illustrations of techniques you’ll be practicing in class

B. (optional) Zoom video meet-up for Q&A

Two weeks prior to to the Saturday workshop, you’ll have a chance to meet your fellow students via zoom video, share your project and get your questions answered. Students are expected to have a project selected and approved by this time. Instruction will be customized to each student’s specific project.


  1. Purchase fabric, new foam (if needed), machine needles & thread.
  2. Cut out fabric for one cushion to sew together in the 6-hour session (optional but recommended).

D. Saturday Workshop

Participants are encouraged to bring your own sewing machine along with your pre-cut fabric and materials, ready to dive in and start sewing. This will build confidence with your machine that you can take home and build into new projects. We’ll walk through the steps of sewing a zipper, boxing and final cushion assembly.

Note: your sewing machine must in good working order and you must be proficient in sewing on your machine.

We provide:

  • professional tips & tricks related to each student’s project throughout the workshop
  • suggestions for how to use sustainable, organic and non-toxic materials in your cushion project
  • worksheets and step-by-step handouts that will provide a valuable reference for sewing your own cushions at home

You provide:

  • your project (either an old cushion or measurements of space to fit a new cushion)
  • fabric & foam – amount to purchase is determined prior to class

Participants work independently on their projects, with support & hands on instruction personalized to each project. Mingling and cross-pollinating is encouraged! Half the fun is learning from each other’s challenges and sharing new ideas… common side effects are surprise & delight at unanticipated outcomes.

*** Important:

Please read the Class Policies before registering for the class. Your registration signifies your agreement with all Class Policies. Contact Carla with any questions.

By registering for this workshop, you acknowledge the possibility that you may not complete your project within the allotted time. This will be dependent on your pace, your project and how much prep work you complete before the class. The intention is for you to gain experience in the techniques and to feel confident that you can finish on your own at home. Thanks for reading!


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