fabric-wrapped art-chair party

Leslie applies home-made lavender glue to a fabric-wrapped detail on her chair.

Before & After Fabric-wrapped Shabby Chic Chair

Transform any chair from drab to fab – how about Shabby Chic!

Jill applies Lavender Glue to her Fabric-wrapped Chair in Class

Jill wrapped her chair in a flowery fabric from Mexico (image: Chieko.photo)

Transform your old desk chair, bar chair or dining chair into a work of art! In this class we’ll take your chair from faded to fabulous with painting + fabric & paper collage.

Tissue, Thread & Fabric-wrapped Horse Chair

Choose, images, tissue paper, threads & fabrics to decorate your chair

Chair party! Sequins, paint, fabric and your imagination - all you need to create your own art chair!

“I love the collaborative learning part of this class – you get ideas you wouldn’t think of working all by yourself!” (image: Chieko.photo)

For more ideas see a this post from a previous art-chair workshop.

Fabric-wrapped Chair with Leaf Design by Carla Pyle

Use photocopies like this leaf design from the book ‘Leaves in Myth, Magic & Medicine’, by Alice Thoms Vitale

fabric strips ready to be wrapped in art-chair class

Two finished chairs show one way you can wrap fabric strips on your chair

Anastasia works on her tissue-wrapped Jewelry Rack from an upcycled chair back

Anastasia covered her chair-back jewelry display in bright multi-colored tissue paper

Uses for a broken dining chair: jewelry rack or scarf hanger

Even broken chairs can find new life – as a jewelry or scarf display

Muddy-Paws fabric wrap art chair by Carla Pyle

‘Muddy Paws’ – wrapped with tissue paper, fabric & paint. Add magazine clippings, photographs + your imagination and… Anything’s possible!

Class Description: 

Got a tired old chair that needs a little pick-me-up? Here’s your chance to transform your old desk chair, bar chair or dining chair into a work of art! In this class we’ll take your chair from faded to fabulous with painting + fabric & paper collage. 

  • You’ll get the recipe & learn how to make homemade lavender glue (non-toxic and smells nice too!) 
  • Simple slip-seat upholstery techniques will be covered if needed. 
  • You can paint right on your upholstery, paint a separate piece of fabric to staple on the seat, or wrap your chair frame in lovely colors, fabric & pictures. Or all of the above! 

Go wild and explore your creative muse! We’ll work quickly to avoid over-thinking the result – this will be an exercise in spontaneity. One of the best things about this class is the infusion of brainstorming & idea-sharing with others in the class. You’ll be swept up in the collaborative energy of the workspace. We look forward to incorporating your unique creative spirit!

Materials provided: fabric to paint, fabric scraps, colored tissue paper, magazine clippings, lavender glue (& recipe to make your own), sharpies, paint & paint brushes.

What kind of chair should I bring? There are SO many different kinds of chairs, so let’s try to narrow it down a bit: for a 3-hour class, you probably want to keep it pretty simple. That’s why we suggest a dining chair, bar chair or desk chair. But maybe you have a bigger chair that you think you can do in that time-frame, or a totally off-the-wall idea that you want to bring. Just send a photo and let’s see what we can do! (see Carla’s contact info below)

Don’t have a chair? Let us know and we’ll have one available for you to take home (at thrift store prices). 

Note: This class is over, but may be offered on demand in the near future. Want to host a class in your location? Contact Carla to inquire about availability.

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