Are you a skier, a Star Trek fan, or just looking for a fun way to learn upholstery?

My upholstery mentor Tina Ortman is teaching ‘Upholstery: logistics of layering’ at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in the Rocky mountains of Colorado at Snowmass Village. Skiers paradise in winter, art spot extraordinaire in summer. Tina is both a Trekkie and a ski patroller at Big Sky Resort here in Montana. It’s a logical conjunction of people, places and events.

Take it from a well-seasoned upholstery student – you’ll be learning form the best!

Learn Upholstery with Tina Ortman at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado

Tina Ortman teaches Upholstery logistics at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado

Upholstery: logistics of layering (click image to learn more)

When: June 1-12, 2015
Where: Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Snowmass, CO

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