Learn fabric painting with a twist of introspective fun!

Have you been afraid to try fabric painting because you don’t think you’re creative enough? This class will give you fun & easy tools to get started. Recall a treasured moment through magazine images and symbols. Combine them in unexpected ways to bring them new life with quick & easy stamp and resist techniques. This will be a quick-study, free-form exploration of your own experience that will wake up your imagination and bring forth one-of-a-kind creative expression in paint-on-fabric. We’ll work small – on 8 x 8” swatches which you can make into prayer flags, or take home and stitch into a unique set of potholders or a quilt project!

paint brushes and paintings on fabric

Three examples using different fabric painting techniques

You’ll Learn:

  • two types of paint for fabric that don’t require a lot of prep work
  • three fabrics that take well to painting and where to get them
  • three simple application techniques that will help you find that special effect you’re looking for

What’s Provided:

  • paint to practice with in class
  • fabric swatches to practice on and take home
  • extra fabric swatches large enough to make a pair of pot holders or 4 prayer flags
  • magazines, clippings & images for design inspiration
  • rubber gloves
  • instructions for sewing pot holders
  • resource handout summarizing the paints, fabrics and techniques covered in class
  • bonus handout on fabric painting for upholstery

Optional things you can bring:

  • your favorite images or magazines
  • your own rubber gloves
  • bring your questions!
homemade stamp for fabric painting

Learn how to make your own painting stamps at home

About the instructor: Carla Pyle has been shaping fabric in adventurous ways for over 30 years, more recently falling in love with upholstered furniture resurrection. As a textile artist and upholstery epicurean, she brings a unique perspective to help her students tap into their own inspiration, style and creativity!

‘Fabric Painting with a Twist’ was offered as part of the ‘Festival of the Thread’ at the Shane Center in Livingston, MT (Sep 6, 2014)

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